Falling Figures
(Apr, 2018)

In collaboration with Chris Wood and Janie Geiser, I helped 3D model a pair of servo control puppets that fall with a simple movement. The puppets were presented as part of Janie Geiser's "Parallel Storms" exhibit which was shown from April to May at the Track 16 gallery in downtown Los Angeles.

For this project I designed the joints and the movement of the puppets, printed the puppets, and did some minor programming of the Arduino's that move the servo. The puppets were printed with a Wood PLA filament and then sanded and painted.

"Most entrancing however, is Geiser’s sculpture, Falling Figures, two articulated mannequins on separate pedestals. Each 3D printed wood filament figure stands alone, unadorned, and reminiscent of antique, wooden penny dolls. Their simplicity is poignant, and their crude construction adds to the pervading sense of fragility and vulnerability. Surprisingly, in contrast to their simplicity, Geiser has motorized the figures, so they lurch and kneel or make seemingly random movements, independent of each other. Heightened by their solitude, the figures’ predicament is quite powerful and their limited movements solicit sympathy."

Lorraine Heitzman Art and Cake