Seven Simple Pieces for Solenoids
(Aug, 2017)

- pre performance -

Part lecture performance, part process performance. There is a part I hate in it, with this obligatory phasing between the solenoids which I might replace with a Cyndi Lauper cover. I really don't know yet. I'm stuck in Cleveland at the moment doing some work, so maybe that can tie into it somehow.

Oh, who knows. Last night I was watching a local Cleveland station, and there was a collection of shorts from Lil' Jon and Big Chuck, it's a low budget sketch show that started in '79, and after every gag there be this single canned laugh, I found it a little surreal. Austin cable access had excellent stuff on it when I was growing up, I would go to a few tapings every now and then.

I'm excited for the show, August 8th, at Andy, Ben, and Cari's place in Pasadena. You should come. I think I'll be on first or second, if there are three I might be second, but I'm definitely going to be early, and I think it starts at 7PM.

My hotel is on the 27th floor; there's a pretty nice view of Lake Eerie from there.

__ - post performance -__

It went really well, I did end up replacing the obligatory phase idea with a Cyndi Lauper cover. A few of the miniatures can be touched up a bit, but overall it saw satisfying. I'm going to shop around and find another reason to perform it. I'm really happy to have had Ben and Erika ask me to play, it was really nice to perform for some folks after that horrible trip to Cleveland.

I didn't end up implementing the Cleveland trip into the performance, I was originally thinking about some sort of lecture performance intermingled with the miniatures. It turned out that the pieces were strong enough to stand on their own. I think the one I'm happiest with was the sixth; it starts with three solenoids actuating quickly enough that they create a tone, then I use their corresponding contact mics to find the frequency of that tone. Gradually, the mic inputs fade out while a sine tone corresponding to a solenoid fades in (sounding the tone acquired from the solenoids).

Video soon, hopefully.